Spy Surveillance Equipment - The Mother of All Spy Gadgets

Spy surveillance equipment is used by spies to collect information when you can't be around to 'listen in', or to monitor their subjects .The spy equipment can is not necessarily visual but it can also be audio, email, fax or postal interception as well.


Spy surveillance equipment falls under different categories which are as follows:

Telephonic Surveillance

Telephonic surveillance can be done through telephone recorders and taping devices.

Telephone or wire tapping is used to secretly monitor phone calls. Wire tapping circuit is similar to a hardware telephone recorder; only difference is that the terminology ‘tapping’ is used while call monitoring is done secretly. Telephone tapping is illegal in many countries, but police and some other agencies are allowed to tap their suspect’s telephones. 

Covert Listening Devices 

This category of surveillances equipment contains listening devices that can listen, transmit and record conversations from an area where they are placed. These gadgets are also known as bugs. Most of the bugs transmit their transmission through radio frequencies, so to receive their transmission a wireless receiver is required. These bugs come in many shapes, for example they can be disguised as a pen, radio, wrist watch etc.

In the past these bugs were only able to relay audio conversations; rapid development in electronics has led to the creation of a new generation of bugs. These bugs are able to transmit video data by incorporating a small miniaturized camera. 

Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance is getting popular over the years. Video surveillance equipment has the capability to view and monitor their subject. For this purpose, Closed-circuit television (CCTV) & Closed Circuit Digital Photography (CCDP) systems, goggles, reconnaissance satellites and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) are used.

CCTV systems can have a network of camera within a specific facility. These cameras are able to record and transmit their footage, which can be used by security and intelligence agencies. A CCDP system has cameras that can only record and transmit still images. Their overall their image quality is better that the CCTV cameras. Limitation of CCDP cameras is that they are not able to provide continuous surveillance. 

In some scenarios goggles can also serve as good spy surveillance equipment. Modern technology has been successful in creating good quality goggles, with night vision capabilities, available at economical prices. Spy satellites are used by intelligence agencies to monitor their opponent’s activities and buildings. Such satellites are not limited to governmental use but a common person can also get such services (bring lots of cash though1)

UAVs are small sized remote controlled aircrafts. These aircrafts are capable of capturing and relaying their recorded images and videos. Some modern UAVs can operate by themselves and are called ‘smart UAVs’ 

GPS Tracking 

GPS tracking units are also gaining popularity. These units use GPS (Global Positioning System) to know the exact location of a vehicle, person or even a pet animal. The subject’s location is can be seen on a detailed map. Tracking unit contains a transmission mechanism, like satellite modem, GPRS or radio waves etc, to communicate with a GPS satellite. This service is available only to the subscribed customers. These tracking units are also used by spies to continuously monitor the location of their subject. 

Computer Surveillance 

This categorizes consists of tools used to monitor activities of a person on a stand alone or network connected computer. These tools can be software or hardware based. Software tools include key loggers and spyware etc. 

Keyloggers record keystrokes on a target computer, these keystrokes can be saved in a file or transmitted on internet. Spyware programs collect personal information from a computer and send it on internet. Some software continuously monitor actions performed by a person like websites visited, games played and movies watched etc. Such tools are useful for parents to monitor their children’s activities. Hardware surveillance equipment includes keyloggers. Unlike software keyloggers these devices need to be placed inside the subject’s keyboard or computer.

Are you sure that YOUR place hasn't been bugged with these spy surveillance equipment? A good spy always stays alert!

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