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Are you up for some Covert Spy Missions?

Spy missions are the bread and butter of spies. Not only are they your "job", it's also essential to keep your spy skills on peek performance.

Spies will be training constantly... our lives depend on it! So, please bookmark this page and visit regularly, as new missions are added to the list. We count on you, the best of the best, to execute these missions with excellence.

Current Assignments

Spy Training Mission: Disguise Yourself NEW!
Disguising is an important part of any spy's skill set. You need to be able to disguise yourself to get away from enemy spies, or to "blend in" where you are spying. Your training mission, should you choose to accept it, is to disguise yourself in such a way that you can't be recognized. As results of this spy mission are sent in, you can also see the results of fellow spies on this page.


Mission 'Rid-e-Cool'

Agent! Mister E. needs your help with a case. Please go with him to TSS HQ to be debriefed:

It turns out that a number of missiles of the TOP SECRET government program, project 'Rid-e-Cool' are missing. They need to be recoverd ASAP.

Rid-e-Cool case fileAccess to the file has been granted. Please read up, as the mission is already underway!

Please get access to the case file by clicking on the file image to the right. Keep your eyes on this page or Facebook for updates.

Training Missions

Spy Training Mission: Eavesdropping
As you may or may not know, eavesdropping (listening in on someone without permission) is probably the oldest act of spying. And it's still one of the most important skills a spy can possess. Can you focus enough to understand muffled voices in another room?

Spy Training Mission: Clean Up or Clean Out
Your training mission, should you choose to accept it, is to set up your room in such a way that you can find out whether or not enemy spies have been going through your belongings.

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