Dismantle the Missiles!

We've located 3 of the missiles in Johannesberg, South Africa. But, unfortunately, they are still armed... It's your mission, should you choose to accept it, to disarm all 3 missile!

How to disarm

Disarm the Missile

Each missile is fitted with increasingly difficult sliding panels, similar to the well known 15 puzzle, aka tile sliding games. To disarm them, you'll have to correctly line up the wires as shown in the selected sample.

There are 3 levels of difficulty:

  • Missile #1 is fitted with a 9 tile sliding panel, with just 3 color wires. Move them into place, and #1 will be disarmed.
  • Missile #2 is fitted with a 15 tile sliding panel, with 5 color wires. Again, move them to line up, and #2 will be disarmed.
  • Missile #3 is fitted with a 24 tile sliding panel, with 6 color wires. Only the best of the best will be able to disarm #3!

Are you up to it?

How it works

Each panel shows 1 or more segments of the wires. There is 1 empty space. Click on any tile adjacent to this empty space, and the selected panel will move into vacant slot. This will enable you to switch panels around.

As you work longer on it, you'll see how you can move panels into specific positions.

Keep an eye to the selected example shown up top. You have to wire the missile exactly the same! If you manage to do so, there will be one vacant spot in the lower right corner. That spot will automatically befilled with the final missing tile.

Best of luck to you, agent!

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