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Make your Own Kids
Spy Equipment... Free!

Spies don't need expensive gadgets to do their business, real spy kids create their spy equipment for free, using their imagination. Are you game?

James Bond has "Q" to give him all kinds of expensive gadgets, but I've no doubt that MI6 has a much bigger budget than you!

But the truth is that for you 2 be a kids spy, you don't need a lot of money for great spy equipment. Be creative, and make your own! Most of the gadgets presented on these pages cost little or nothing to make, but are as much fun to use as expensive kid spy stuff you can buy.

Roll up those sleeves, and get going... what're you waiting for!? Have fun!

Kids Spy Equipment to Make

I Spy Coloring Pages!

To you it may seem that he's just sitting on a bench, minding his own business. But the truth is that he's very much aware of his surroundings, and that he's on the lookout for his next target. Just add color!

Inexpensive Spy Gear: Playing Cards Hideout
Spy Gadgets need not be expensive... inexpensive spy gear can be made yourself, you only have to use your own creativity and skill. Here's how to convert a normal deck of cards into the perfect hideout.

How to build a periscope
Every spy needs to know how to build a periscope, as this is a simple yet effective tool to look around corners and over fences!

Keyhole Spy Tool
A spy who still has all his marbles, this is a nifty way to check if a room is safe to enter secretly.

Spy ID Card disguised as Credit Card
A secret agent can't just carry around his or her ID, so here's one that looks just like a credit card.

Easy secret messages, with the Cypher Wheel
This little tool makes it easy to create secret messages that only friends (who have the same cypher wheel) can read. To others, it will just seem like gibberish. Use it to communicate with fellow spies!

Book safe

How to Make a Book Safe
You may think that secrets must be put in a place where other spies can't get to, such as a big safe or something like that. Sometimes it's better to hide your secrets in plain sight. For this you can modify a regular (hard cover) book to be a great hiding place.

Make invisible ink
Whenever you need to keep your writing from prying eyes, invisible ink will do the job. Here's one simple method to create it.

Fingerprint powder, Homemade Style!
If you find a fingerprint, lift it with this homemade recipe for fingerprint powder.

Keep Track When Spying on People
When you're spying on people (or spying on girls ;-D), it's very easy to loose track of what happened when... How to make your own spying journal.

Spy-doku, Sudoku for Kids
Spydoku is based on the popular Sudoku puzzles, but we're using letters in stead of numbers. It's a Sudoku for kids, so not too difficult!

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