Credit Card Spy ID Card

A secret agent can't just carry around his or her ID,
so here's one that looks just like a credit card.

To make this credit card / spy id card is simple. Here's a template, ready made for you: (instructions follow below the pictures!)

Print out this page.

Cut out both sections, and paste the backs together. Now you have a spy id card on the one side, and a "folded open" credit card on the other.

Write the real name and code name of the spy on the inside. Write the real name of the spy on the outside of the ID card. Write in black and in CAPITALS.

Paste a passport photo where indicated. With the aid of an ink pad, put a finger print on the bottom end of the card. Don't forget to set your signature on the back of the 'credit card'!

If you like, you can laminate the card on both sides with self-adhesive laminate (from an office supply shop). Cut away the excess. Fold the card such that it looks like a credit card. Flip it open to reveal your true identity!

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