Fingerprint Powder,
Homemade Style!

If you find a fingerprint, lift it with this homemade recipe for fingerprint powder.

Fingers, even dry ones, leave a thin fatty substance on objects. When left on glass, or some other shiny surface, you can put some fine dark powder on it, and lift it with some clear tape.

If you want to make your own homemade powder, read on!

Fingerprint Powder Recipe

Real-life CSI forensic experts dust fingerprints generously with aluminum powder. But, since I don't think you have that on you right now... ;-)

Here's how to make some yourself!

What you need:

  • Starch powder
  • A candle
  • 2 porcelain dishes
  • A knife

Put a little starch powder on a dish. Light the candle (let an adult help you with this!), and hold the second dish in the flame.

Remember, flames are HOT!

The candle flame will deposit soot on the second dish. Scrape this soot from the dish and deposit it on the starch powder. Keep doing this, until the amount of soot matches the amount of starch powder.


Mix the two together, and hey presto!

When your ready to lift a print, dust it generously. Then, blow the excess away from the fingerprint.

To lock the fingerprint in place, cover it with clear tape, and stick it on a clear card.

Have fun! 

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