Inexpensive Spy Gear:
Playing Cards Hideout

Spy Gadgets need not be expensive... inexpensive spy gear can be made yourself, you only have to use your own creativity and skill. Here's how to convert a normal deck of cards into the perfect hideout.


Get all your materials: Siccors, Cards, Tape, and BRAIN! Then get started!

  1. Fold each card in half. Then Cut out all the middles of the cards, cut near the white rim of the card. 
  2. Take your Stack of cards with a middle, and tape the parts that you bent. Then connect a regular card ( uncut ) to the bottom of your taped stack.
  3. Take another uncut card and tape it to the top, but make sure you dont tape down 1 side of the card so that you can flip it back like a flap.
  4. Put uncut cards on the top and bottom of your taped compartment ( DO NOT tape the other cards together, they are suppose to be loose to make it look like a regular deck of cards )
  5. Put Items into the compartment, and go test it out!

Have fun using your NEW Card Compartment! Cool... spy hideouts doesn't get much better than this!

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