Spy Training Mission: Disguise Yourself

Disguising is an important part of any spy's skill set. You need to be able to disguise yourself to get away from enemy spies, or to "blend in" where you are spying.

Before you execute this mission, make sure you have read the section on spy disguises. This will give you valuable insights on the why, how, and what of disguising. Please don't take this training mission lightly... a good disguise can prevent you from being "burned" (discovered).

Then, continue by reading the mission brief below. I expect you to report results below as soon as possible.

Don't Cheat! I want to see pictures! Saying that you did it is NOT good enough!

Mission Brief

Your training mission, should you choose to accept it, is to disguise yourself in such a way that you can't be recognized.

Note what you do, so you can share your disguising techniques with your fellow spies. This is very important. While we want to see the end results, we also like to learn from you!

Once you are unrecognizable, make a digital photo of yourself (or have it made) and upload it below. Don't forget to add your notes!

What's not allowed

No pictures of famous people, animals (stuffed or otherwise), or pictures downloaded from another site. It must be a picture of you in disguise... I can recognize fake entries, and will not put them up.

Thank you for your input.

Fellow Spies in Disguise

Below you see the results of fellow spies.

Study and learn from their disguising techniques. And if you think a disguise is extra fab, or you have some tips to improve, use the comment feature on their page!

Simple Girl 
How it's made Sorry, I blurred the photo of myself because, as a spy, my face cannot be disclosed. (edit by Mr.E: good thinking agent! All this might …

Smart use of Smartphone 
How it's made Nowadays we don't should to disguise ourselves by using newspaper "old trick" . For me the best solution is to change the means , so instead …

Disguised as a student 
How it's made I did my hair in a messy bun to make it unnoticeable but still a feature on my head, I put on a black coat (with several hidden pockets) …

Dressed up like a Zombie 
How it's made I used a bunch of latex, fake blood and stage makeup. Mister E's Comments One could say that being a zombie might attract attention …

I'm a SPY... Can you see why? 
Take a good look! Can you see why I am a spy? :-D It's not that hard to see! It's something that all real spies love to wear... Have you guessed it …

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