Re: Project 'Rid-e-Cool'


Please read enclosed file on Project 'Rid-e-Cool' thoroughly. The file is encrypted, please use code 2,1,1 (book cipher) to unlock the contents.

Product missing

During a recent stock count, it turned out that 55 missiles were accounted for. So we are missing a few. Since we cannot have that these missiles are used to make our men en women in power make fools of themselves, they must be retrieved and disarmed.

Information search is underway

Currently, we don't have enough information to locate the product. All befriended secret agencies are searching for additional information, which will be made available to you at the appropriate moments. The latest status is that we have uncovered 3 Rid-e-Cool missiles in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We need your help in disarming the missiles!

Rid-e-Cool Case File

For now, please take in all the information in the case file. Not all case info is available at this time... we need more intel to make sense of it all. But for now you need to acquire the following info, and make a note of it for future reference:

Case File Project Rid-e-Cool
  • What is Project 'Rid-e-Cool'?
  • Can you think of possible hiding places, given its size?
  • How many product is missing?
  • The launch code is embedded in the blueprint

Remember how to get the access code of the file... 2,1,1 (book cipher). Right click on the case file picture to download the case file to a secure location on your system.

New info

There are a number of newspaper headline clipouts (letters) scattered across the website. Together they form a word, which is the starting point of our mission.

In this place, Mister E. has uncovered some papers that are believed to hold a code. Our code team is stumped. Can you decipher the code?

Case Update

Great news everyone! The code has been deciphered, and Mister E. has recovered 3 of the missiles.

But we're not out of the woods yet

The missiles need to be disarmed, or we may be condemned to days of sillyness. To disarm, align the wires of all 3 missiles as quickly as possible.

Be safe,

Mister E.

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