The Spy Watch Collection

The spy watch has been amongst the most favorite of all spy gadgets. Small, looking harmless, and adding a whizz of style and hi-tech to any spy... what's not to love?

They can be used in several ways:

  • You wear it on your wrist when you have secret meetings when undercover. You can use your watch to capture sound, video or both.
  • You can leave your watch (in recording mode) in your bedroom or hotel room, to find out who's going through your stuff. There is the risk of the watch being stolen, so be aware of that.
  • You can read the time(!) so you can wreak havoc on the agreed time. Don't forget to synchronise watches.
  • Some watches allow you to communicate
  • On some watches you can watch video
  • It makes you look coooool! ;-)

No matter what mission you must undertake, spy watches always comes in handy!

Here's a collection of contemporary spy watch models for junior and senior spies alike.

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