Audio Spy Equipment:
Tools of the Trade

To be the best secret agent around, you'll need some pretty specific tools. Audio spy equipment allows you to do your job without anyone catching you. It's one of the most important items the spy can have and there are a number of reasons to add this to your collection.

What do you need?

First, let's take a moment to look at a few of the types of audio spy equipment you need. Depending on what information you need, each tool will work remarkably.

  • The first item is wireless bugs that are placed in a room for monitoring. With this tool, you can listen to everything that is being said. This was, you have the inside edge in your mission and you can prepare for any attack.
  • Next up is what is called a parabolic microphone. The avid spy can take this device up to 300 yard away from the action and hear what's going on. If you are planning an intervention, this tool will give you the upper hand, making it a very important tool for the spy.
  • But there will be times when it becomes very difficult to get even that close. In some cases, you might be more interested in taking a step back and hiding far away as you listen. For this, a laser listening device would be the best choice for you. Just aim and listen to conversation behind walls, windows and more.
  • Phone calls can also be sources of vital information. The true spy cannot afford to miss what is being said on the phone. Because of this, the phone recorder is an essential piece of equipment for the spy to add to their collection.
  • One final tool that you might consider is the cover pen voice recorder. It looks like a simple pen, but those talking around it will provide you with 8 hours of audio to scan through and learn their secrets. Just in time to conqueror your mission.

How to protect yourself

Now, perhaps you are on the opposite side of this experience. We all know that good spy bugs are small and that can be placed almost anywhere. This means you need a way to protect yourself for having your vital secrets from being exposed. But how can you do that when you don't even know what you are looking for? The answer is very simple.

It is called a bug detector. The ultimate spy will know how to not only work the equipment to spy, but to take the steps to counteract it as well. Your goal is to avoid getting caught, as you catch others in the act.

When you look at both anti surveillance and standard spy equipment, you will notice they are similar. As you are being watched, you need to know what equipment is being used. There will be a number of ways to counteract these items, and if you don't know exactly what is being used against you, the solution process could be hard.

For a hidden camera, your top choice will be a mini camera hunter. This will show you what the hidden cameras in your area see and give you the upper edge in taking it out of commission. When it comes to audio, a wireless signal detector can help you find bugs that you might not easily see.

The best place for the spy to locate these items is with an authorized dealer. Or check out our audio spy equipment store. This will give you the upper edge in missions as well as pushing forward towards success in your current mission. You are in a world that is filled with people that could be living a double life. Even the agents you trust right now could be working against you in your missions.

Take the steps to get the best audio spy equipment and then get the tools to protect you from others using it. In the end, this is the equipment that will keep you from the enemy's hands for a long time.

Just be sure you do your homework on each piece, before you buy it. Study the dealer and ask questions. It pays to approach this entire scenario as level headed as possible.

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