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The Spy Gear Video Car known as TRAKR is well worth it to take a look at. Our very own Q took it for a spin!

One of the greatest features associated with this spy gear video car is the remote control. As far as the control layout goes it is not much different from any other on the market but it does feature a full color LCD display that updates in real time with the camera. In other words you will not need to use a computer monitor as your display as many other rolling surveillance devices require.

In addition to the full color camera, the Spy Video Trakr permits one to listen in on conversations within range of the front-placed microphone. While the Spy Video Trakr does have some rather amazing audio features, you might be even more impressed with the built-in applications that alter the video mode drastically. First of all, you have the normal mode.

In normal mode, the full color display allows you to see and hear conversations, though there is no information displayed on the screen. Night vision mode is a bit different as it will allow one to see subjects under the darkest of conditions.

Cyborg vision mode however is probably the most popular of these.  Not only does it provide full color, it also includes a speedometer in the display along with a compass and crosshairs. Most will prefer this mode so that they can control their speed and focus on the right targets.

Spy Gear Video Car TRAKR

As you might expect, you do have the ability to record any conversations that you bear witness to. There's nothing more important than keeping a record of your evidence, and with the included USB cable you can upload your recorded footage to any computer that supports it. The USB cable will also permit you upload any new apps which can serve to improve your spy experience, and all of these apps are absolutely free. The ability to create your own apps is a function that has served to make this device wildly popular worldwide.

It has been noted by most customers that the Spy Video Trakr goes around corners well and can traverse carpet without a problem. One issue that has been discovered however is the fact that it is unable to travel through sand and water without a problem. The manufacturer does recommend that you avoid terrain of this type if you wish to have the greatest experience.

Q's Verdict

This may not be the ultimate in the James Bond arsenal, and it may have a few shortcomings, but consider it is a device made for ages eight and up at a price of $90, it is certainly one of the more affordable Spy Cams and children's toys on the market. That's not to say that adults won't get their fair share of entertainment from the Spy Video Trackr however! As we said before this is a fun device that anyone can enjoy, and it can be used for serious applications as well as entertainment. After all, who doesn't like the idea of scaring their pet rabbit out from under their bed using an RC camera?

Though it might not be the fastest, it will certainly get the job done on a variety of terrains. When the full programming language is released you will be able to write any number of applications that you can then share with the entire world! This is certainly more versatile than similar products released on the market and along with the features comes and unlimited supply of fun.

Pros: This is a remote controlled spy camera, which is great to scout unknown territory. But the biggest pro of this Spy Gear video car is without a doubt that you can download or program applications for it to make it do all kinds of things. This way you can outfit the spy gear trakr to do all kinds spy missions.

Cons: Certain terrains are less suitable for the Trakr. Also, it's not completely stealth, for very silent rooms the motor sound may be too loud.

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