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This kids spy gear is some of the coolest on the planet...
Move over, Q!

I was young once! OK, you might not say so if you look at my picture, but it is the truth!

(I'm having a hard time convincing anyone that I'm telling the truth!)

But it's true, I was young once, and I become young again when I take a look at all the fun kids spy toys that's on offer these days...

Now, take a look at this stuff. Way cool for the young secret agent!

Note: if you're a kid, always ask approval from your parents! Even James Bond needs approval of M(om)!

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Spy Video ATV-360 Spy Gear Spy Toy - NEW!

Radio Controlled ATV with Real-Time Video & Listener!

Overview: Wild Planet (creators of the Spy Video Car) has introduced an all-new spy video vehicle. The Spy Video ATV-360 is the first remote-controlled Spy Gear video car to offer audio transmission, full-circle spin control, and tank tracks.

The upgraded ATV-360 lets secret agents inspect enemy territory from the safety of their own spy headquarters. They can scope out a room and hear if anyone is coming from up to 75 feet away. The new track-based movement system traverses treacherous landscapes such as laundry-strewn bedroom floors and foyers filled with books and backpacks. The vehicle climbs over obstacles and wirelessly transmits real-time video and audio back to the driver.

Because plain-sight video monitors are not acceptable in the spy world, the ATV-360 sends images to a private LCD lens mounted to a pair of lightweight frames. Sound is heard through a single ear bud. Drivers confirm the coast is clear by pushing a button on the remote control to perform a 360-degree room scan. Full-circle turns offer early detection of renegade spies approaching from any direction.

Coupon codes or discounts are not permitted for this toy. However, receive a FREE Kids Spy Gear spy toy with the purchase of this toy. If you return this toy, you will need to also return the free toy with purchase. See Wild Planet's return policy for more information.

Advanced Mission Set - SALE!

Advanced Mission Set™ Tri-Link Alarm System & Agent Action Briefcase

Overview: 2 complete hi-tech spy systems for security, surveillance and defense packaged together in a cool box! Great gift!

Tri-Link Alarm System - Protect your stuff with 3 linked hi-tech alarms. Set alarm #1 to guard your valuables. When it's triggered, it beeps and flashes and activates the other two alarms. Alarm #2 is a lazer siren that stuns 'em! Alarm #3 is a double dart launcher that stops 'em in their tracks.

Agent Action Briefcase - Your complete mobile spy system in a special briefcase that shoots darts. A special motion alarm, flashlight and spy scope all work from inside the case - or out! There's even a secret compartment, CD/DVD holder, and storage for the kids Spy Gear Tri-Link Alarm System.

Digital Alarm Safe - NEW!

Electronic Safe with Code Key Entry!

Overview: Protect your secrets from enemy eyes with this high-tech safe. Set your personal four-digit code and lock up your stuff. A voice alarm alerts you if someone tries to hack the code!

Alarm Kit - Keep Out Door Alarm

Alarm Kit Card-Key Activated Alarm with Timestamp

Overview: Secure headquarters are essential to every spy operation. Protect your Kids Spy Gear... decide what's deserving of extra protection and reposition your Alarm Kit accordingly. If small items and documents need safekeeping, activate the alarm to guard your desk and the siren will scare off any snoops who disturb the drawer.

Affix the alarm to doorways, windows, or any area that you don't want invaded. If an unauthorized person enters, the alarm will sound and the time at which the intrusion was attempted will be recorded on the alarm's screen. Simply velcro the alarm to the different places you desire to protect. The digital screen is adjustable so it can be read from any angle and used on any door, regardless of the direction it opens.

The Alarm Kit comes with two card-keys, giving special access to privileged spies (or their parents). Just swipe the card-key for easy entry without sounding the alarm. The Alarm Kit features a parent-approved speedy shut-off button that puts a quick stop to the siren.

Micro Spy Kit X-4 - SALE!

Four Cool Micro Spy Tools Clipped to a Utility Belt!

Overview: Take your essential spy tools with you wherever you go. These four gadgets come attached to a utility belt for easy access and ultimate portability. Use the Motion Alarm to guard doorways or protect documents – an alarm will sound to let you know when someone crosses its invisible beam. Wear the Lazer Light on your fingertip and point into the darkness for instant illumination.

The hand-held Disc Shooter launches three discs, one at a time, up to 20 feet in any direction, while the Secret Agent Pen lets you write messages in invisible ink that can only be decoded by using the blacklight embedded in the pen’s cap. With these tools close at hand, you’ll be equipped for every mission.

CAUTION! Secret Agent Pen contains UV light. Do not stare into beam.

Multi Tool X-6 - NEW!

6-in-1 Pocket GadgetOverview: Be ready for action and ready to move with this 6-in-1 pocket tool! Navigate your way through dangerous territory, communicate with fellow spies, blow the whistle on intruders, and defend yourself against the kids spy gear of enemy agents!

Micro Nightspyer

See in the Dark up to 25 Feet

Overview: The Micro Nightspyer lets you illuminate the night on your secret spy mission. Press a small button and a red tinted focused light beam allows you to see your target in the dark. The 2x power telescopic lens permits visibility up to 25 feet.

CAUTION: Viewing the sun can cause permanent eye damage. Do not view the sun with this product or even the naked eye.

Roll-In Blaster - NEW!

Blow-Apart Booby Trap!

Overview: Roll the blaster into a room and take cover as the trap attracts your enemy’s attention by standing itself upright, pausing for effect, and then exploding. Sound effects accompany the blast as three separate pieces fly into the air in different directions.

Get secret agents in and out of guarded territory by focusing everyone’s attention on the Roll-In Blaster. When the coast is clear, collect the parts and pop them back into place for repeat diversions.

Spy Audio Car - SALE!

Overview: The Spy Audio Car is a listening bug with wheels! Pull it back, let it go, and send it in to spy Or, just place it in a room. Either way, pull out the ear bud on the receiver and listen in on all the action. Transmits sound over 75 feet, even through walls!

Spy Flashlight - NEW!

4-in-1 LED Flashlight

Overview: Spy from dusk to dawn with the super bright LED beam! Use the red lazer to sneak up on enemies and stay undercover. The hands-free strap lets you make easy work of midnight missions! This kids spy gear attaches to bike handle bars! Adjustable 90-degree neck. Secret red lazer pointer. (Red Lazer works just like a laser but uses a safe LED light!)

Hands Free and Super Bright!

That's it for now... Aren't the kids spy gear on this page just AWESOME!

I think so!

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