Case File: International Spy Museum, Washington D.C.

The mysterious and secretive world of spies is unlocked at the International Spy Museum, for visitors who are daring enough to test their aptitude, courage and skills. This is a place where clandestine activities are encouraged, intelligence is applauded and the ability to figure out hidden motives will move you to the head of the class.

You can come and tour the International Spy Museum during regular visiting hours, or you might prefer to accompany a group as they set out on a pre-defined mission to gather secret intelligence in a public setting. There are always some really exciting exhibits and learning opportunities inside the doors of the museum, but there are also some real world missions that the tour leaders can share with you.

As a member of the Spy Museum you will get special discounts and free access to all of the exhibits. You also get to use the Express Entry that is only for those with approved clearance (membership cards/IDs). Certain members will even receive special invites to mystery events and high level, fact finding missions. This is the only museum where you can be granted the CIA styled access that will make you feel as though you really have joined the world of espionage.

The Museum Store and the Spy City Café give you some welcome breaks from the hectic pace of your secret missions. You can even get discounts on your food, beverages or those clever, spy oriented devices that you will find available for you and other top agents to use.

Spy in the City

If you think you really have what it takes to become a real spy then why not take part in a real mission sponsored by the International Spy Museum? You can always sign up for this undercover assignment as part of your day at the Spy Museum or ask to experience a Spy in the City mission as a solitary event.

This event takes you out into the world and onto the streets of Washington, DC. After all, where better to put your skills and critical deduction abilities to the test than in the actual city that is known as the "spy capital of the world"?

This is a GPS guided mission that allows you to uncover the hidden secrets of DC. You will find out facts, history and mysteries about the city as you travel along on this double mission of espionage and sightseeing adventures. You can participate as part of a group mission, double up with your favorite "wingman" or choose to tackle this assignment as a solo agent. It's your decision to accept the challenge or not, Agent X!

You will have your personal Geo-COBAR GPS and earphones unit, but you can always use your own earphones instead. There will be radio messages and intercepts being transmitted throughout the assignment and you have to be on top of your spying game at all times. Now, get ready, get set and go for the thrill of the chase as you become a spy with a mission in Operation Catbird or Operation SlyFox.

Don't worry, you will have a code name too, but it's up to you to keep your true identity a secret from the ruthless enemy spies that are out there.

The Spy in the City missions will take at least an hour to complete, and some will take 1 ½ hours from start to finish. The time involved will depend on how clever you are with your personal spying skills. Remember that you need to blend in to crowd of regular citizens that will also be part of the foot traffic on the DC streets so dress appropriately and get your ‘game face' on.

Real-life Spy Stuff

At the International Spy Museum you will discover many of the high tech devices that real spies have used in the past. Think ‘007', ‘Inspector Gadget' and ‘Get Smart' all rolled up into one unbelievable exhibit.

Nothing is what it seems, and you are left to wonder if anything in the outside world is really what it appears. That dead mouse could actually be a microphone transmitter. The umbrella is a .22 caliber pistol. The earrings you see are miniaturized listening devices. With your top level clearance to the museum you will have complete access to an endless display of cars, cameras and weapons that are almost impossible to describe.

Find out about some of the "impossible to detect" facial and body disguises that Hollywood has created for special agents to wear. Learn how counter-espionage missions unfold and discover the role an undercover agent must play in order to survive.

School for Spies

At the International Spy Museum you can even attend the School for Spies where you will...

  • Discover how a buttonhole camera works
  • Learn about invisible ink
  • See different "bugs" and other recording/transmitting devices
  • Find out how a variety of spying techniques have evolved over the years
  • Test you spy skills (surveillance, analysis, observation, critical thinking)

You will have a unique cover identity while at the School for Spies and you will find out why it is so important to have one. Top spies even tell you why they decided to become espionage agents and you will find out what the life of a spy really involves.

With Operation Spy you take your cover identity and assume the life of a real espionage agent during a 1 hour mission. A nuclear code has gone missing and you are the only one who can break the case and save the world. Now it's time for you to find out if you can intercept and decode secret messages; break into a safe; interrogate a rogue agent and get your hands on the missing nuclear code before your time runs out.

Do you really have what it takes to make it as a spy? You can only find out with a visit to the Spy Museum.

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