How to Know When Someone is Cheating on the Internet

Cheating on the Internet has become very popular lately.

Ranging from getting in contact with new people to cyber-sex, there are different ways to cheat online.

However, a group of software devoted to spy on computers can help you to easily find if your partner is having an affair or cyber-affair.

You need basic computing knowledge to get into these tools and although this article won�t get into such details, you can easily find basic information everywhere, even within the user manuals of the products described.

The Tools

According to your particular conditions and the location and access of your partner�s computer, you will have to decide which software is more appropriate to you.

If you have access to the computer, life is much easier. By access I mean that the computer does not have password and you can freely use it.

In case the computer is password protected, you can always ask your spouse to let you type an email or browse a shop and then you can deploy the spying software.

When you want to know your partner�s computer activity, you can install one of the several activity recording software available and get a detailed description of the PC activity all the time, including screen image capture, keywords typed, files opened, files printed, mails sent, chat conversations and everything else done in the computer.

It is important to mention that this kind of software is specially developed to work stealthy in the system, so the user will not detect it.

All the information collected, can be saved into files in the same computer to browse them later or they can also be sent to you remotely via email. I recommend using an email address which your partner does not know is yours, just in case.

If you think this is too much and you do not need all that information about your partner�s computer activity, you can install only key logging software, which will record only every key stroke made on the computer.

Notice that this won�t record any text typed in other computers. Therefore, when chatting, only the text typed in the computer where the software is installed will be recorded.

If you do not have access to the computer:

Some of the programs described above will let you make a remote installation by mailing the installer to the target computer.

For example, you could have not clear and calm access to your husband�s office computer. Then, you can mail him the installer and it will deploy itself stealthy, so the receiver won�t notice that spy software is being installed on his computer and in the same way described above, the information collected in the computer will be mailed to you.

Other way to deal with computers that you can�t access is by monitoring the network traffic. For example, let say that you have a home network and you or your kids have one computer and your husband has another computer in the house. In such case, you can use a messenger sniffer or a network monitor to catch all the activity in the network, without even touching your partner�s computer. This is very cool.

Free tricks

If you do not want to invest in spying software yet, there are a few tricks you can use.

MSN Messenger and some other chat software, have a recording feature, which you can trigger to record all the conversations performed with that messenger.

Also, to find out if your partner is visiting couple-matching sites, you can get into the browser cache and read which sites have been cached lately or which sites have installed cookies on the computer. Most matching sites will leave traces.

Not savvy users usually don�t know that even when they clean the browser history, the cookies and some files remain in the browser cache folder and in the cookies folder.

Online investigation

When you want to go further and find out who is in contact with your spouse, you can make an online investigation of that person to get details about him or her.

There are hundreds of sites which affordably can give you amazing information about anyone.

Cell phones

Most of the time, when someone is cheating, cell phone contact is a must.

Cell phones are great for cheating because they have direct contact without the risk of getting tracked by wives, partners or even secretaries.

However, you can find a service which reverses any cell phone number to address and name.

Before hiring a PI and spend thousands of dollars, you can start your own investigation with these tools and find useful information which can save your relationship if used properly.

About the author
Dr. Laurent Mikhail is a communication professional who has helped several couples to understand each other after a cheating problem. You can find further information about cheating in the site


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