Best of Internets Spy Software
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The whole world is online! Read about the best Internets Spy Software and Methods for the contemporary secret agent.

Spy Polaroid Back in the "good, ol' days" we had to actually hunt for most of the information we needed. There simply wasn't much to go around...

We had to sit in scruffy archives, sifting through file after file after file. And once we knew who to follow, we had to follow them around for days, just to learn their eating habits.

Internet has changed all that.

These days I can stay in HQ and log on the Internet and find all sorts of information about just anybody.

For the "Cyber Spy", there is a host of software programs you can use, and information to explore online. On this page, I have collected the best of Internets spy software and methods to get the most out of your investigations.

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Searching Information on the Internet

Let me turn you into an efficient Internet Search Spy
Your capability to search the information on the Internet is a meaning of how exact your queries are and how efficiently you make use of search services. Poor queries come back with poor results; good queries come back with good results. Opposite to the hype nearby intelligent agents and artificial intelligence, the truth is that search results are simply as good as the query you ask and the way you search.

The Advanced Spy Search
When you know the basics of using search engines, you'll get a lot of information already. However, with the advanced search you have several options for precising your searches and getting further useful results.

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Best of Internets Spy Software

The search functions I showed you above will bring back a lot of very useful information.

But it lacks convenience.

To make your investigations easier, there are a number of companies who specialize in bringing together investigative online resources. Check out these web resources and programs that will aid you in your investigations.

Internets Spy Software Resources

The following companies give you access to many different resources (free and fee-based), that help you in specific investigative needs.

Web Detective Web Detective
With Web detective, you get access to a constantly updated paid members area that includes thousands of free and fee-based informational and search possibilities on the Internet.

Web Detective, online since 1995, has narrowed down the list of specialized search functions for you and points you in the right direction quickly. A huge time saver!
Highly recommended.

Instant  Detective Instant Detective
Instant Detective is a resource similar to web detective. It helps you by pointing your research in the right direction.

In addition, Instant Detective gives away several e-books and software to aid you in your spying: a keylogger, a guide to catch a cheating spouse, and more.

Internet Sweep Search Software

The following suppliers all make use of the same SweepSearch´┐Ż technology. This searches the Internet using the same search engines as you and I, but it does it with clever predefined (advanced) search terms, and across several search engines.

Web Sherlock WebSherlock
For a one-time fee you get a lifetime or one year access to complete research tools for getting the information you want about individuals in the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

Some information is easier to find than others, but the tutorial helps you out.

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