BND - Departmental Structure

BND has 8 different branches operating in their own jurisdictions. These divisions include...

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  1. Technical Support (Technische Unterstützung)
  2. Security & Defense (Sicherheit)
  3. Analysis (Auswertung)
  4. BND School (Schule des BND)
  5. Administration (Steuerung und zentrale Dienstleistung)
  6. Signals Intelligence (Technische Aufklärung)
  7. Organized Crime and International Terrorism (Organisierte Kriminalität & Internationaler Terrorismus)
  8. Human Intelligence (Operative Aufklärung)

BND performs its operation in the foreign countries only. The agency is similar to American CIA in this regard because it cannot conduct domestic espionage.

The Office for Protection of the Constitution “Verfassungsschutz” is responsible for the local intelligence services.

The German military has its own intelligence agency known as Military Screening Service or “Militärischer Abschirmdienst”.

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