Become a Spy... a Real Spy!

One of the questions I get most often is "Mr. E, How do I become a Spy? I want to be a real spy!".

Learning how to spy, and actually becoming a real spy are two very different things. Real spies work for actual secret services, and only a tiny percentage of those that are selected to 'join the ranks' get the honor of becoming a Non Official Cover (NOC) Operative.

But being recruited by a spy agency isn't as big a secret as you may think...

Well it IS a secret of course, but if you know where to go (and what self-respecting spy doesn't?) it's easy enough to find out!

So where do you go to learn how to become a spy?

Well, here of course! I wrote an e-book that gives you the inside scoop (as long as you promise not to share... you REALLY don't want to bring in more competition!). It's FREE for subscribers to "Messages from U.N.C.L.E".

Read on.

   What will you find in this confidential report?

Ok, I'll give you a sneak peek at the index:

As you can see the report goes into the skill set of real spies.

But more importantly, it describes the most important spy agencies in the world and what you need to do to apply and be selected.

But even when you don't want to work for the CIA (USA), MI6 (UK) or MOSSAD (ISR), you'll find inside intel on most other agencies spread around the world, from Australia to Ukraine.

Becoming a spy is not something that starts when you are selected. If you don't focus on your goal well before that, you are likely to slip up and obliterate your chances of ever becoming a spy!

Of course, we'll tell you what to do and what not to do. So, you'll know what helps and hurts your chances.

Did you say "FREE"?

Very perceptive of you... I'm sure you'll do well. You may even become a spy in the future.

But, to get back to your question. Yes. Even though this intel is highly sought after, it is free. Sort of.

Top Spy Secrets has a special list: "Messages from U.N.C.L.E." We use it to keep our fellow spies informed of important intelligence & information as it is identified. If you subscribe, you'll get immediate download access to "How to Become a Real Spy".

Important notice:

Please read our Privacy Policy and Notice to Parents before subscribing. 

Spies younger than 13 are unfortunately not allowed to subscribe.

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