Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies is the eighteenth film in the Bond series and stars Pierce Brosnan as James Bond for the second time.

The movie begins with James Bond surveying an arms market on the Russian border. He follows Henry Gupta a known terrorist, when he buys an American GPS encoder.

The American military launches a missile to stop Gupta, unaware that there is a nuclear weapon at the site. Bond manages to steal the bomb on an airplane but not before Gupta escapes with the decoder.

When a British frigate and a Chinese plane disappear near china, Bond is sent to investigate. After MI6 identifies the last signals sent to the frigate as originating from a communications satellite, its owner Elliot Carver becomes the main suspect...
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These are the main characters of the movie, and the actors/actresses who played them:
  • James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)
  • Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh)
  • Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce)
  • Paris Carver (Teri Hatcher)
  • Stamper (G�tz Otto)
  • Henry Gupta (Ricky Jay)
  • Q (Desmond Llewelyn)
  • M (Judi Dench)
  • Miss Moneypenny (Samantha Bond)

Agent Y's Opinion

This movie was something of a letdown after GoldenEye. The story is too absurd, even by Bond standards.

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