The World is not Enough

The World is not Enough is the nineteenth movie of the Bond series and Pierce Brosnan returns for the third time as agent 007.

It all starts with the assassination of an oil magnate, Robert King. M sends Bond to protect the daughter and heir of his dead friend.

Bond tells Elektra King that she might be in danger and is proved right after an attempt on her life, but then he realizes that the man responsible is Renard.

Renard is a terrorist and has an inoperable bullet lodged in his head that is moving inward. It has deprived him of the sense of pain and increases his strength until it moves fatally.

When he tries to stop him from stealing plutonium, Renard traps Bond and a nuclear physicist Christmas Jones. The pair survives but M is kidnapped from London...
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These are the main characters of the movie, and the actors/actresses who played them:
  • James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)
  • Elektra King (Sophie Marceau)
  • Christmas Jones (Denise Richards)
  • Renard (Robert Carlyle)
  • R (John Cleese)
  • Q (Desmond Llewelyn)
  • M (Judi Dench)
  • Miss Moneypenny (Samantha Bond)

Agent Y's Opinion

This is a fantastic movie. Renard is one of the best villains in the franchise. This is also the first Bond movie where the main villain is a female!


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