The Living Daylights


The Living Daylights is the fifteenth movie in Bond franchise and stars first time Bond, Timothy Dalton.

The movie begins with a test raid conducted by MI5 on Gibraltar. During the raid one of the three 00 agents is killed by a mysterious assassin. James Bond, who witnesses the event, gives chase and manages to kill him.

He is later given the task of helping a devious KGB General Georgi Koskov, defect from Russia. He saves Koskov from a cellist sniper Kara Milovy during the escape.

Koskov informs MI6 that KGB director General Leonid Pushkin has adopted the policy of killing western spies. His story seems credible in light of the recent 00 agent killing. KGB agents led by Necros kidnap Koskov soon after and return him to Russia.

Bond is charged with the task of killing the KGB director, but it later turns out that Koskov laid out an elaborate plan to dupe British and Soviet intelligence. Koskov is dealing with a self styled "General" Brad Whitaker who is providing him with sophisticated western technology and receive payments in the form of diamonds.

Koskov wants the British to kill Pushkin who is investigating the affair...

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These are the main characters of The Living Daylights, and the actors/actresses who played them:
  • James Bond (Timothy Dalton)
  • Brad Whitaker (Joe Don Baker)
  • Kara Milovy (Maryam d'Abo)
  • General Koskov (Jeroen Krabb�)
  • General Pushkin (John Rhys-Davies)
  • Necros (Andreas Wisniewski)
  • Miss Moneypenny (Caroline Bliss)
  • Q (Desmond Llewelyn)
  • M (Robert Brown)
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Agent Y's Opinion

Timothy Dalton replaces Roger Moore as agent 007 and manages to gives Bond a more serious look. The story has many references to real world events of the time and manages to capture the feel of cold war era more accurately than its predecessors, which I think is a big plus. But the humor of Roger Moore is surely missed though.

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