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Great Spy Stuff for Kids

I've been searching high and low (even bribed an informant or two) to find quality spy stuff for kids.

Playing a secret agent is so much fun, and kids have so much to learn from it. The right kid spy gear makes it 'real', adding so much to the fun for a spy kid.

There are spy toys, Spy Toys (with capital S, capital T) and spy educational tools. And then there is the Cream of the Crop, the top of the line spy stuff for young teenagers.

Click on any category below, and find stuff to make your child become the greatest secret agent on the block.

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Everything for the Young Agent

* Kid Spy Gear
The regular spy toys for kids, like walky talkies, spy goggles, motion detectors and the like. Fun stuff!

** Kids Spy Stuff
This is the more enhanced spy gear you can get. Spy Toys of the extra class that takes a kids spying play to a whole new level.

*** Spy Educational Toys
So much in the spying business is based on science. For kids age 7 and up, there's a lot to learn here (even though they may need a little help from an adult accomplice). These toys are made for learning.

**** Cream of the Crop
Wow! I wish I had this stuff when I was a young teenager. To get better stuff you'd have to go for professional gear. But with these prices, phew! not for everyone.

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