I'm About to Reveal my Biggest Secret

When your live revolves around secrets, it's very very hard to reveal that secret to others... After all, who can you trust with your biggest secret?

Since you found your way to this secret page on my
not so secret website, I'm going to reveal it to you.

The problem I have is that what I'm about to reveal to you, may not be right for you. If you're still young (younger than 16), then this is probably not something for you. In that case, feel free to share it with your Mom or Dad.


Shhh!!Wondering what my biggest secret is? You're looking at it.

This website, the TopSpySecrets.com website, is my biggest secret. Sort of.

You may say, How can that be? If you go on Google, and search for "how to become a spy", you find it immediately. Same if you search for "spy missions". Or "free spy gear". In fact, it gets found for a lot of spy related keywords that people search for.

That's not by mistake.

The website is designed that way. And because of it, I am getting more and more visitors to the website. 1200 visitors a day. Every day. Last year, I was getting 500 daily visitors. And next year... who knows?

Not only is it fun and rewarding to make something that lots of people find and enjoy. It's also earning me a nice extra income, through the advertisements that I run on the site.

And the secret is: anybody with a good brain, and a willingness to work hard at it, can do this. And those are skills that any budding spy should possess. So if you love spying, read on!

TOP SECRETHow did this website become successful?

Before I tell you, I have to say that success didn't come overnight. You have to work it. There's no such thing as (what we call) Get Rich Quick (GRQ). All those ads and spammy e-mails promising 1,000s of dollars on autopilot, for just 10 minutes of work: it isn't true. If it was true, everybody would be doing it. There would be no crisis, no foreclosures, no unemployment. Since there is, that proves it isn't true.

But if you're willing to work, following a proven plan (not kinda sorta, but really doing it), it is something you can do too.

It started with research...

Most places where you can get a website, promise you that you can be live on the Internet within minutes. That you can start building your site right away. Just think up a nice website domain name, enter it in this field right here, and off you go, be part of the Internet.

That's not the way to online success. I know. I've done that.

Now I know better. I now know that you shouldn't start a website without doing extensive research:

  • What words or phrases are people searching for on Google or Yahoo? (Words with "spy" in it, or "secret agent", or words or phrases related to that)
  • What words or phrases are searched for the most? (Yes, there are ways to know this)
  • How many websites are competing for those same phrases? (Checking out the sites that come up when you search those phrases)
  • How much are businesses paying for ads to show next to those phrases? (If you know the right tools, you can find this out).

In other words, I was checking if there is a market for the website I wanted to build. It could've taken me a lot of time and work to do this, but I was lucky to find an all-in-one tool that helped me through this process, and find the words and figures for me.

Guess what? There was. And I would save the words and phrases (what we call, 'keywords') to later build pages for. But not just yet.

Some more thinking to do!

Knowing there are people out there searching for information on spying was not enough. First, I had to think through some more things:

  • What will make my site unique? What angle will I take? (I wanted to make something that would be fun for kids)
  • What is a good site domain name, that conveys well what the site will be about? (TopSpySecrets.com tells you that I want to give info on how to spy. If I wanted to make a site solely about spy gadgets, I might've thought up something with Spy Gadgets in the name)
  • Anybody's legal rights I might run into? (Not all site names are free to use. If you use (part of) a trademark in your website's name, a lawyer may come around, and shut you down).

Only after I had done a lot of research and thinking was I ready to start the site.

Building the Website

This was the thing I dreaded the most... because while I have a lot of spying skills, I have no technical skills. And what I remembered from before, when I tried to build a website (but didn't know what I was doing) was that you needed a lot of technical knowledge to get it all up and running (don't ask me to explain please!):

  • FTP
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Set up a contact form
  • Set up a newsletter list
  • Set up an RSS feed
  • Set up a sitemap for the Search Engines

Phew! Some things I was clueless about, some things turned out to add nothing to my success, and of other things on that list I had no idea I needed that for a successful site. No wonder I failed!

But this time around, I used an all-in-one tool that helped me do it right. And the proven process helped me structure the site, so that you, my visitor, would easily find your way around.

Through the Master Keyword List (which I built during the research phase, remember?) I selected the most promising phrases (like "become a spy") and started building pages that completely focused on that single phrase. Providing great information for people searching with that phrase.

The tool would then help me to check out if I used the phrase enough on the page (but not overdo it!) and point out the crucial places the phrase should be used to tell the search engines what the page is about.

And then repeat the process, building pages for as much word phrases as you have the time for. More pages, more chances of being found, more visitors!

Connecting with you.

But building the site is not enough. To engage your visitors, you also need to connect with them. That's why I send out "Messages from UNCLE" (my newsletter) at a list of subscribers.

My secret tool takes care of all the technicalities (no technical skills, remember?)

But I also make use of Twitter and Facebook, to stay in touch. But I do it in such a way that it doesn't take out too much time out of my already cramped time schedule. Another thing I have learned recently.

And the site is growing and growing, in number of pages, number of visitors, and number of dollars!

Here's my secret: you can learn to do this too...

Building a succesful website online business is a skill you can learn. And there is a tool that helps you do all the things I just subscribed. And it has a proven process you follow to build a website that gets found on the Internet.

You can learn this skill through e-learning. That's what I did, and now I run TopSpySecrets.com. And have a nice extra income to boot.

So what will your secret be... what will your website be about?

Start here.

Be safe,

Mr. E


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