‘Moonraker’ (1979)

Moonraker is Roger Moore’s fourth appearance in the 11th movie of the Bond franchise.

James Bond is called to investigate the hijacking of a space shuttle (i.e. Moonraker), while being transported to England. He is sent to California to investigate the makers of Moonraker, Drax industries and its owner Sir Hugo Drax.

He is given a cold welcome and Hugo instructs his henchman Chang that some harm comes to James Bond. Bond also meets an undercover CIA agent Dr. Holly Goodhead, working as a scientist.

Chang tries to kill Bond in a centrifuge but he manages to escape.

The trail leads to Venice where he learns of Holly’s real identity. He also discovers a lab in which deadly nerve gas is kept that only kills humans. However, when the Defense Minister and M arrive, the lab is replaced by an elaborate drawing room.

M angrily sends Bond to Rio de Janeiro to track Drax cargo, where Holly is captured.

Bond learns that Drax plans to launch this toxin from a space station in globules that would kill all humans on the planet. Afterwards Drax will start a master race from children of young couples he has taken to the space station...

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These are the main characters of the movie, and the actors/actresses who played them:

  • James Bond (Roger Moore)
  • Q (Desmond Llewelyn)
  • M (Bernard Lee)
  • Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell)
  • Hugo Drax (Michael Lonsdale)
  • Dr. Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles)
  • Jaws (Richard Kiel)
  • Chang (Toshirô Suga)

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Agent Y's Opinion

No actor besides Moore gives a credible performance in this movie. If you are looking for a decent Bond movie, there are better ones to choose from. Pass!

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