�For your Eyes Only� (1981)

The 12th movie of the Bond Franchise is 'For your Eyes Only' and again Roger Moore performs as James Bond.

When one of its spy ships �St. Georges� sinks, the British government sends a marine archaeologist Sir Timothy Havelock, to look for it.

On this ship is ATAC, a communications device used by Britain to control its fleet of atomic submarines.

A Cuban hitman Gonzales kills Havelock along with his wife. James Bond is sent to investigate the whole affair.

However, Havelock�s daughter Melina finds Gonzales before Bond and kills him. He recognizes another assassin Locque, in Gonzales�s house and the trail leads him to an intelligence informant and businessman Aristotle Kristatos.

Aristotle tells him that the KGB�s Contact is a Greek smuggler named Columbo. Columbo accuses Aristotle of being the contact and gives away Loccque�s hideout to Bond.

After finding Locque in one of Aristotle�s factories, Bonds realizes that it was Aristotle all along...

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These are the main characters of the movie, and the actors/actresses who played them:

  • James Bond (Roger Moore)
  • Aristotle Kristatos (Julian Glover)
  • General Anatol Gogol (Walter Gotell)
  • Columbo (Topol)
  • Q (Desmond Llewelyn)
  • Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet)

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Agent Y's Opinion

Overall, this is a satisfying movie. Bond gives, yet again, a great performance. The movie has more of a classic spy feel to it and is more enjoyable for this very reason. Also, a rememberable title song by Sheena Easton!

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