Fireman disguise

by Linda

Disguised as a real fireman!

It's a fireman outfit my mom sowed. Then all I needed to add was a fireman hat and some black shoes!

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Fireman disguise

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Kid spies are awesome! NEW
by: Kid Agent T

Hello! I am a kid spy and head spy of the SCA (Secret Childrens' Agency). I see you are a kid spy too!
The idea is great because if you are disguised as an authoritative figure people will do what you say, and it will be easier to do your mission this way. The reason I took off one star is because kids are not usually firefighters and you might attract attention.
Great work all in all! Nice work for a spy your age!
-Kid Agent T

by: codename: Pet Raiser

really great job! I would give it 5 stars, but I give 4 because its very clear that its a Halloween costume.

nice job,

agent P.R (Pet Raiser)

Good work
by: Miss Terry Story

Very smart.
A fireman (or woman) is the perfect thing to dress up as.
Keep up the good work Linda, Miss Story.

Extra bonus for this disguise
by: Agent Orange

Hi Agent L, your fireman disguise looks fab. Great job!

Firemen (and women) are real authority figures. When they talk, people listen... because their safety is at stake.

So this disguise has an extra bonus: you can tell people to move away from the area you want to spy through, because of a suspected fire. Out of fear people will leave you to do your search, and not even question it!

Thanks for submitting, Linda!

Agent Orange

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