Carpenter Disguise


Wear simple and plain costumes. Always keep a tape, pencil in your pocket: it will give you a professional look.

Set up a tool bag with some tools like chisels, a saw, pocker... etc. Always act like you are calculating something and people will think that you are an expert in this field.

A carpenter can infiltrate easily into an enemy environment. He'll get the chance to go inside the enemy building without drawing any attention. He can climb,crawl like he is doing his job... You must be ready to do some work, otherwise you might get burned!

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Carpenter Disguise

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by: B6

Why would you put up a photo of someone else?!

by: cool girl

why did you not take a picture of yourself

Certain jobs really lend themselves for spying
by: Mr. E.

Yes indeed, certain jobs really lend themselves very well for spying, because their presence isn't questioned, or you can tell a very believable story why you're doing what you're doing.

Too bad you didn't use a picture of your own... ;-)

Be safe,

Mr. E.

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