You as a Secret Agent - Write a Spy Story Contest

New Intel: +++ Deadline Passed +++ Contest Closed now! +++

Time for a new contest! Write an exciting spy story where you play the main role as a secret agent. This is your chance to shine in your very own spy story, and win great spy prizes!

Spy Storywriting Contest

Yep, it's a spy storywriting contest, where you can win great spy prizes. But what those are, I will come to that later...

If you want to enter this contest, you'll have to write an original spy story that stars YOU as a SECRET AGENT. That's it. Make it exciting, imaginative, funny, and/or thrilling. Make it whatever you think makes a great spy story. (Oh, and since you are a spy, just use your first name or spy name in the story)

Make it a short spy story, or a long one. It doesn't really matter. As long as you really enjoy what you've written, it's all good (yes, there are other contest rules but when it comes to story, your imagination is the limit).

IMPORTANT! You can enter until November 15th, 2011


What would a contest be without prizes? We've selected spy gadgets that any budding secret agent would love! Or so we'd like to think...

Here goes...

First Prize: a Sphere Spy Watch. This must be one of the coolest spy gadgets on the planet. It makes great videos (no sound alas, as it would make the watch illegal to use in many countries) and looks coooooool!

Second Prize: Spy Gear Spy Video Trakr. This programmable car is a perfect sidekick for spy missions that need covert surveillance. It has so many features, that we can't even list them all here.

Third Prize: Spy Strike Laser Dueling System by Spy Net. We have no less than 3 winners that will win this exciting laser shooting game!

How to Enter

We have opened a special e-mail address, which will only be used for this contest. Once you have finished your spy story, send it as an attachment to this temporary e-mail address (only to be used for this purpose!):

(Removed. Contest is closed)

Most file-types will be ok, but if I can't read it I may ask you to send it in a different format, ok?


  • Write a great spy story with you in it.
  • Send it to the e-mail address mentioned above, no later than November 15, 2011
  • We'll read and judge all stories
  • If you win, you'll here it no later than December 1, 2011
  • 5 prizes can be won!

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Note: if you're age 13 or less, don't share your information without the express permission of your parents!

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