MI6 - Military Intelligence 6

MI6 is short for Military Intelligence section 6. It is also known as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

SIS is relegated the task of all overseas espionage activities related to British security. The only exception is the Republic of Ireland which comes under the jurisdiction of MI5. SIS has its headquarters at 85 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall Cross, London. MI6 is not responsible for any activity inside UK, which is the responsibility of MI5.

Responsibilities and Operations

Under the Intelligence Services Act, MI6 comes under the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary. This Act defines its operational functions and the responsibilities of administration. MI6 is answerable to the cabinet and foreign secretary for its actions. Like all British intelligence agencies, MI6 receives its budget from the Single Intelligence Account (SIA).

MI6 is responsible for all intelligence gathering related to security of British government. It is also responsible for British economic and foreign interests. The agency relies on latest technology, cooperation with other international agencies and human sources for its intelligence.

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