Disguised as a Bear

by Patrick
(cumming Georgia)

I found a giant teddy bear...

Cut it open, took the stuffing out, took care of the eye holes so I could see but noone would know at the same time and got in.

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Disguised as a Bear

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this is not real NEW
by: Anonymous

come on thats just a teddy bear unless this kid is lower that 2 feet 6 inches his body cloud not fit uin it

Great NEW
by: Agent T

Agent T here. Great disguise but this would only work indoors where suitable, for example in a little kid's room or a children's shop display. Otherwise you would probably be burned. (Imagine a big teddy bear trying NOT to be noticed walking down the street!)
But in the right circumstances this is good work. Keep it up!

by: J...

I think its very convincing but all of your body can't fit in !

by: Agent O

Could be a teddy bear. But, in theory, this would work. Mabey if he was spying on his little sister in her room among her stuffed animals, not on the street.

by: john

I know I wouldnt be walking on a mission in as a teddy bear that draws attention to yourself you want to look normal

Not convinced, but you made me laugh
by: Mr. E.

Hi Patrick...

Somehow I feel you're pulling my leg here. Aren't you just showing a photo of a teddy bear? Hmmm...

Anyway, you made me smile, so you get a B for effort!

One thing though... would you expect to NOT stand out running around dressed like a teddy bear? ;-)

Have fun,

Mr. E.

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