Your Cool Spy Gadgets

Ask any spy, we sure love our cool spy gadgets! From listening devices to high-powered laser gear... they allow us to finish our spy missions in style!

The world of spy gadgets is evolving rapidly, and it's super hard to keep up with it all. So it's high time to do some proper research to get back on track. Luckily, we have our trusted agents (YOU!) to help us out!

Favorite Spy Gadgets or our Operatives

Below you see the spy tools our operatives have chosen.

Check them out, you may be surprised about their choices!

Micro Ear Gear  starstarstarstarstar
This gadget is a listening device, so you can hear things from far away. The other item is a light for your ear, so you can spy in the dark hands free....

spy briefcase  starstarstarstarstar
I use this gadget by using it as a emergency spy kit and I love it so much cause I can have it with me at all times!!

Supersonic Ear  starstarstarstarstar
I use this gadget for many purposes, mostly to track somebody using the sounds they make. It can also be useful for hearing a fellow agent say something ...

2003 Spy Gear Nightvision Glasses  starstarstarstarstar
You use it by turning on the switch at the back of your head. But if you can't see anything from your range you can use the 2 blue l.e.d lights that can ...

My favourite gadget is my secret writing case.  starstarstarstarstar
My writing case is a great disguise for hiding secret messages, money, other spy gadgets and anything you don't want others to see.

It has a secret ...

Powerdisk Digital MP3 Watch  starstarstarstarstar
You where it like a regular watch, and you use the buttons on the watch to record converstaions around you.

Book Safe  starstarstarstarstar
I hide it in my book shelf wich almost containes 100 books. I like it because I can hide stuff inside it.

My spy gear dart gun  starstarstarstarstar
I use this gadget to shoot my enemies and I like it because this gun has a flashlight to see beter where I'm shooting and a visor to have a closer view ...

Binoculars  starstarstarstarstar
I spy on people through the window in my room with binoculars. With them, I've seen people being chased by cops and many, many bad stuff that the regular ...

My Home-made stun gun  starstarstarstarstar
It is like a home-made stun gun,and it helps when you need someone to stop hurting/bothering you becease it generates large amounts of heat.

Spy Pen Camera  starstarstarstarstar
A tiny built in Spy Camera lens is situated above the pen clip, hard to see even with the keenest eye.

The Door Alarm  starstarstarstarstar
I have really annoying step sisters, and they always go in my room without asking. I always have to yell at them and it never works. Trust me, I've been ...

A iPod and DSi.  starstarstarstarstar
Because the DSi can take pics and play games and iPod can hold music pics and videos.

My favorite gadget is... your brain!  starstarstarstarstar
You use it the most and no gadget that is made for you is as strong as your mind.

If you ask any spy what their strongest or most important gadget ...

Lazer Trip Wire   starstarstarstar
I use the trip wire for keeping other spies out of my room...

The beams are invisible. But whenever the beam is broken, the alarm sounds. And then I ...

Spy Safe  starstarstarstar
You can put in a four-digit code key and it is locked. When you come back to it and enter the right key it opens and you can put all your spy goodies in....

Spy Video ATV-360  starstarstarstar
I love these gadgets because they are super-sneaky and super-helpful. I like the spy video ATV-360 because you can listen and see a conversation without ...

Belt grappel  starstarstarstar
You strap it around your waist as a normal belt. Then you can fire it on to any thing secure and then swing from one end to another!

MK 45 Pistol Cross Bow  starstarstarstar
I use this gadget to take down the target but not a kill shot so I can take him/her into questioning.

I like it so much because it has a lot of accuracy ...

The Alarm Kit  starstarstarstar
I use this gadget to put on my hideout.
I like it so much because even when you're gone you can still be alerted.

watch tv (or the phone that anyone can buy from verizon)  starstarstarstar
I like it because at school I txt my friends in class. We are not allowed to have phone but they won't catch us! (well they might but so far it is really ...

I like my spy listening device  starstarstarstar
I love this gadget because it works so well!

It's not too big, nor small, and I can hear my enemies at the other end of my street.

I love my finger print powder, and book safe  starstarstarstar
I keep my door and window handles clear so before I go in I check for prints which tell me who's been in my room while I was away, this is very important ...

Spy Periscope  starstarstarstar
I use it to look around corners and over walls. It's my favorite spy gadget because it's very reliable and easy to make (fast).

The Da Vinci Code Cryptex  starstarstarstar
I like to lock my things in it and I like it because it looks cool and old.

Night Vision Goggles  starstarstarstarstar
I use night vision goggles for spying in the dark. It needs very little light to 'see' what's going on.

Air soft laser and BB shooter  starstarstarstar
You turn on laser sight and put BB's in then you shoot. I like it because It will look real, and it has good burning laser sight.

Alarm Kit - Keep Out Door Alarm  starstarstarstar
This gadget works like you hang it on the wall or a place you want secured and then you set the time and when ever someone walks past or opens the area ...

Ultra Wave Gun  starstarstarstar
This is something I thought of:

It's called Ulta Wave Gun ... it's a special gun that the government uses in a book that I am writing.

Instead ...

corresponding laser and wath laser  starstarstarstar
because they're cool and nice!

Rope Gum: Great for Getaways  starstarstar
Rope gum is a special kind of chewing gum for spies who need to get over tall walls. Great for an escape!

After it's chewed, you throw it over the ...

Watch with Video Camera   starstarstar
This watch has a video camera that sends images to a remote receiver, so that another spy can see what's happening! Very cool stuff!

i have this gadget that listens in to peoples convesations from a distance.  starstarstar
You turn it on and there is an option: you can either record messages, or listen onto peoples secret convertations.

I like it so much because I love ...

Lazer Pointers  starstarstar
I prefer Lazer Pointers because they are bright, atract attention and are very small and can fit almost anywhere.

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