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The stuff we can tell you, without having to make you disappear...

Mister E is the editor-in-chief for Top Spy Secrets. Mister E (pronounced "mystery") is an alias for 

As an active secret agent, he has travelled around the world, finding out all the stuff our enenmies are up to. But in this day and age, it's as important to share knowledge as it is to get intel. So we decided to make him the editor of this web site.

(That's what we tell him, but the main reason is that he's too o-l-d for active duty... but don't tell HIM that!)

His wealth of knowledge on spying is fantastic, so this assignment really fits him well.

The rest of the file is CONFIDENTIAL, only accessible for T.S.S. personnel of level "HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL" or higher.

The public part of this profile is also published on Mister E's G+.

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